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Turning a New Leaf with Biologically Synergistic Technologies
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Waste-to-energy (W2E) technologies create renewable energy from any form of carbon-containing waste—municipal solid waste, industrial waste, agricultural waste, tires, plastics, etc.  Landfills are becoming overfilled, and municipalities have taken to exporting their refuse, which has devastating consequences on ecosystems and cultures throughout the world.   BioSynEnergy represents several W2E platforms using only the highest quality materials and best available components from leading manufacturers to provide our clients with the most sustainable and economical installations. Our systems are 100% scalable and can be right-sized for baseload electricity and thermal energy generation in amounts ranging from 50 pounds an hour to 30 tons an hour. Portable systems are also available.

These platforms are NOT based on combustion or incineration, They are are closed-loop systems with ultra-low emissions and no effluents that rely on close-coupling thermolysis (which separates volatile elements from carbon) with gasification (creation of synthesis gas comprised of hydrogen and carbon monoxide) that can then be cleanly converted to steam or used in an internal combustion engine to generate electricity and thermal energy for heating and cooling. BSE systems exceed ALL environmental standards and requirement for emissions in the United States - in fact, they even exceed strict EU standards.
Dynamis Energy LLC is an American company that has commercialized a state of the art proprietary waste-to-energy technology, which can provide solutions for nearly any type of solid waste disposal problem.  Dynamis systems can be portable or fixed, are modular, and sized to meet the needs of the project.
By ensuring top engineering, reliable manufacturing, and solid construction at the lowest cost, BioSynEnergy technology partnersmaximizes plant efficiency, reliability, durability, and profitability.  Our W2E platforms reduce reliance on fossil fuels,  decrease harmful emissions and promote energy independence by utilizing one of the largest global sources of renewable energy—waste.  
If interested, please fill in our Primary Inquiry (for basic chemical information on the primary material) and Secondary Inquiry (for W2E plant evaluation and planning) forms. and our engineering experts will contact you after having assessed your business case and environmental needs.
All information will be kept strictly confidential.