BioSynEnergy LLC

Turning a New Leaf with Biologically Synergistic Technologies
BioSynEnergy LLC 
Dr. Richard C. Newbold 
Managing Principal
5247 Point Pleasant Pike
Doylestown, PA 18902
Phone: (267) 898-2223    
Mobile: (267) 337-3010  

BioSynENERGY Technologies LLC is expanding the green economic revolution by applying innovative, cost-effective and commercially viable "best of breed" technologies to transform waste of every variety into marketable, high-value, environmentally responsible bioproducts and energy in the Americas, Europe and Middle East.
BioSynENERGY began its operations with a mission to bring together leading experts from every scientific and applied engineering discipline - and many well-known universities - to provide our clients with the highest value, commercially viable green solution for transforming (refining) waste materials via thermolysis and gasification into green energy, bio-products, and new green jobs.

 Over the past 10 years, based on its evaluations of technology platforms worldwide and its own research activities, the Company has diversified into other eco-friendly technologies, including intensive/controlled environment vegetable/fish production, specialized LED lighting, anaerobic biodigesters, water recirculation/purification, algae and algal co-products , prescriptively charged biochar (using distributed pyrolysis kilns), alternative/non-carbon fuels (hydrogen and anhydrous ammonia), and high-efficiency/multi-fuel Combined Heat Cooling and Power plants (CHCP).